Why are the fish jumping?


So I just spent a couple of minutes trying to remember exactly what is jumping now in the song “Summertime.” Frogs? Sure. Frogs jump in the summer. I’ve had some recent frog trauma, though, so I wasn’t exactly wanting that to be the correct lyric. When the actual correct lyric came to me, I felt similarly traumatized, however. If you know me, you know I have a general aversion to fish, particularly when they’re not in lakes or rivers or oceans as nature intended. Seriously, when it starts raining fish here, I am fucking OUT. The very thought reduces me to a frothing gurgle of profanity. Gurglefuckshitfroth.

At any rate, to write an actual lyric in what turned out to be quite a popular song about how the fish are jumping now makes me suspect foul play. Why are they jumping? At what rates? To what destination? For what purposes? Fish need to stay the fuck in the water, mm-kay?

Not what I intended to write about, but we’ll go with it.


One Response to “Why are the fish jumping?”

  1. 1 L

    “Gurglefuckshitfroth” = best word ever.

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