Two readers…maybe three


So, I have so few readers on this blog that I could probably just start referring to them as “you.” As in, “You’re in the shower right now, but you’re maybe about to become my third regular reader, including myself,” or, “I just got off the phone with you and we were making fun of how few people view my blog.” This is bad.

I should be plugging into networks of other blogs or something, I suppose, if I’m trying to snag more readers. But I don’t really want to be held accountable to any of those networks. It’s not like this is a serious sort of teaching blog in which I can’t make fun of students, so teaching blog networks are out. HRMPH.

Hey, I was just going to write about the awkward experience of attending my first ever graduation party for a student. Then I realize that I’ve already talked to both of you about it. HRMPH.

I give up. For now.


3 Responses to “Two readers…maybe three”

  1. Well I’ve been reading your blog, and now I feel bad I haven’t commented more to be sure you were aware of it.

    Don’t give up!

  2. 2 J

    Four, then! Thanks, jimsmuse. I suppose I’ll have to write about the graduation parties after all. Anyway, I wasn’t *really* going to give up; I just tend toward melodrama. But, you know, hope at last!

  3. 3 L

    Dude, I think whining about and mocking one’s students is a feminist act.

    Also, ❤ “self-pity” as a tag.

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