You’ve got five minutes. Go.


Guess who’s apparently coming out of hibernation!

It’s ridiculous how cyclical my moods are.  Every summer, I don’t write; I’m out enjoying the world, and can’t be bothered to think about it too much.  In the fall, I’m so tied up with school that I don’t think about ANYTHING all that much.  Then I get seasonal affective disorder or some variation thereof in the winter, and stop writing because I’m too busy feeling dead inside.  Then SPRING COMES AND ONE CANNOT SHUT ME UP.

It’s all renaissance and rosebuds over here, milady.  Is what I’m saying.

The next few years are going to be ones of a lot of transition in my life, I think, and I wonder how I’m going to deal with that.  It actually started this past year, what with the new responsibilities at the job, and the death of someone who was a pretty important figure in my life, and some decision-making on a personal level wherein I finally become an adult somehow. Anyway, a person’s gotta grow, yeah, and Bob Dylan says, “He not busy being born is busy dying,” and so I reckon it’s all positive.

I’m outta time — reading time is over for my freshman, and I must teach now.  Welcome to it.  Enjoy this nub of a post.


One Response to “You’ve got five minutes. Go.”

  1. 1 m

    i love you so much! kisses!

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