Oh geez.


I’ve been in the habit of posting all of the writing I do—all of it, no matter where it starts, or what the focus of it is, or what my intentions were in writing it—publicly.  Well, semi-publicly, I guess; I think there are only about two-ish people who read my blog relatively regularly.  Anyway, I think maybe I’d been doing it just to milk the fact that I’d actually been writing a bit.  I stopped nearly completely around the middle of last semester, though—both stopped writing and stopped posting it.  Honestly, I was feeling really happy with myself and my life, and I didn’t want to spend time writing about it; I just wanted to do things.  So I’m a little bit out of love with writing at the moment, largely because when I write I tend to introspect and all that goddamned navel-gazing is just irritating and self-absorbed as fuck.  Icky.

But I’m supposed to be writing now as part of this book study I’m doing for Penny Kittle’s book Write Beside Them, and so here goes again.  I think I’ll probably post this, because why not, I guess, though I think maybe my writing bone done got broked this summer.

This year, for the first time, I’ve been actually reading during the school year!  I’ve finished three books since school started: As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner; Tess of the D’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy, and I Was Amelia Earhart by Jane Mendelssohn.  They were all good.  I loved the hell out of As I Lay Dying, but then I love the hell out of Faulkner.  I love those sad southern gothic characters with their awful, wry way of looking at the world who are just totally fraught with the weight of the world and of their own loneliness, and I love it when everything goes terribly for them in the end.  This makes me supremely not okay, I think!  But it feels so much more powerful and honest than a lot of other things I read.

I did NOT like Tess, though.  I guess I like it when my tragic figures see it coming.  I could see myself liking the idea of Tess after I get a chance to establish some emotional distance from the book, but good Christ, stop destroying Tess’s life please, Thomas Hardy.  Some lovely scenery in that book, but it’s almost a mockery since the plot’s so goddamned unfair.

I dislike the idea of I Was Amelia Earhart totally superficially.  I don’t like that there’s this excellent heroine who needs to get away from society so she can find that what she’s been after for all those years isn’t flight, it’s A MAN!  But that’s unfair criticism.  I really liked the book.  The plot just troubles me a bit.  Beautiful, dreamy writing there, though.

I guess I’m reading some Ursula K. LeGuin now.  I also guess I’m making this freewrite a giant book report!  And I am completely fine with that.  I like thinking through books.  I like feeling through books.  I like thinking and feeling through life as well, but, to paraphrase some quote I heard somewhere, who WOULDN’T want to have access to a few different lived experiences at once?  BORING PEOPLE, that’s who.

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One Response to “Oh geez.”

  1. 1 m

    if your writing bone done got broked (that’s great!), it seems like it’s knitting together pretty well. i like reading what you write–thanks for making your above writing visible.

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