Cold Medicine Crackout!


You guys, I am so wonko on daytime cold medicine right now.  I’m all vertigo and bad ideas.  Since that’s not a good condition in which to grade, I thought I’d maybe blog!

My head feels like it’s about to blow like the Death Star!

My kiddos are watching Star Wars: A New Hope right now.  It’s Science Fiction class!  Hooray for dorkdom.  May it reign supreme forever.

I had to miss a bunch of grad parties this weekend, which made me tremendously sad.  I feel like, since I can’t really afford to get them all something, going to the parties is the kind of nice thing I can do for them.  But I did not!  Because I felt like someone had put me in a bag and used me to beat someone.

Now I feel like an alien might pop out of the side of my head and tapdance across the counter.


Did I mention I’m eating a cookie?  I’m not sure sugar is the answer right now.

Almost there…It’s a hit!  Negative, negative, it didn’t go in.

There are four days of school left, suckas!  Four days!

I better nip this in the bud before it gets outta control.

It’ll be just like Beggar’s Canyon back home!


4 Responses to “Cold Medicine Crackout!”

  1. I saw Matt today! And he told me you were sick. Which explains why you are forming an addiction to cold medicine? Seriously though… I want to be in your SciFi class. You should hurry up and get yourself better.. because…SUMMER IS HERE! Ish? I miss you…and I want to visit you sometime this week if you don’t have too much grading? Okay love and stuff! (maybe I should have just emailed you? oh well :P)

  2. 2 J

    Hey dude! I’m without kids all morning, every morning this week. You should definitely stop by! Also, Friday afternoon we’ll be watching the end of Empire Strikes Back and all of Return of the Jedi in class. You should stop by if you’re not working!

  3. 3 matt

    I used to bullseye womp rats in my T-16 back home….

  4. 4 J

    I love you.

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