Did you know that the perfect society is unobtainable because of human nature?


Really?  You did not?  Well, allow EVERY ONE OF MY STUDENTS to tell you so in separate (and ostensibly separately conceived) “think” pieces!  They are telling me, right now!  All night long!  Over and over!

Whoever taught kids that human beings are by nature power-hungry, lazy, selfish, murdering, thieving bastards — that it’s individual human frailty that causes injustice in the world — needs to fucking GET IT.  And by “it,” I mean MY IRE.  And by “get,” I mean BECOME INTENSELY AWARE OF. Also, it would be good for them to shut the fuck up.


2 Responses to “Did you know that the perfect society is unobtainable because of human nature?”

  1. 1 Samara

    Maybe they are just trying to be “mature” and not show you their warm, gooey, fragile hope? It is perhaps easier to air one’s cynical adolescent views to a teacher, rather than try to back up with logic the way they actually feel. Or maybe I am just being idealistic. I ain’t scairt.

  2. 2 J

    Maybe. I had a conversation about it with the one kid whose paper really set me off, and we sort of had a laugh about it? Because I wrote this really irate comment on his paper, and had to explain that it wasn’t about him but about what he’s been sold… but then we talked about how we wouldn’t describe ourselves as primarily lazy, self-serving, and power-hungry — nor would we describe most of the people we know as such. It was good. But I really, really like your comment, is what I wanna say.

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