This blog is MOVING.  Maybe.  For now.  I want to try blogger for a while and see if I like it any better.  I have found a suitably ugly format over there, and I can use google analytics, which…I basically just want to know how that works?  I feel an allegiance with wordpress, which is ridiculous, but which might be strong enough to draw me back here, as I sort of hate blogger a little.  I mean, isn’t it kind of dumb?  Really?

Anyway.  That spot on the internet can be found at    Check it out, if you want to!  It has all the stuff that this place has, too.  I mean, the content.  I exported this baby.  CHECK IT.


One Response to “Moving!”

  1. 1 J

    Nevermind. You know why? Because blogger is dumb, and also it doesn’t support polls. WordPress is also dumb, in that I can’t add plugins, which is dumb.


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