Dead–I mean, DEAD–tired.


I’m so tired I have a headache from it, but I’ve been popping in to my own blog and looking at how disastrously bare it’s been for quite some time and I just LAMENT and LAMENT and MOURN and…I mean, it’s all “Juliet’s DEAD!  SHE’S DEEEEEAAAAAAAAD!”

Of course, neither this blog nor (at that point anyway) Juliet is dead.  Does my unwitting comparison with this faux-tragic scene foretell a truly woeful day in store for my poor neglected blog?  Let us hope not.

I’ve been lamenting other things of late, like how little I’ve been reading and writing and thinking.  I’m in some sort of character stasis right now, and I’m a little worried that I’m becoming completely irrelevant and tired because of it.  What if this is a permanent state?  Panic like this makes me do crazy things, like chuck the entire curriculum of College Lit to replace it with…well, something different.

I mean, I get bored with my classes.  I do!  It’s fine for it to be new and all for the kiddos, but the fact remains that their revelations about what we’re reading and talking about seem rote to me after three years of hearing them–no matter how revelatory they are for the students.  And that’s boring for me.  There are, of course, some fresh ideas still floating aboot, but they’re increasingly rarer.  [No fucking way: “rarer” is a word?  No.   Really?]  So I feel like…I want to chuck all of the books, chuck the lit circles, and start with something completely different next year.  Something like…

  • The Sound and the Fury
  • Midnight’s Children
  • Jude the Obscure
  • Cat’s Cradle
  • The Left Hand of Darkness
  • Song of Solomon
  • Something by Edith Wharton or such
  • Macbeth or something

I mean, those would basically cover the same ideas we discuss now (I don’t think I can trade out Invisible Man, though) but would be, you know, slightly different.  Something a little fresher.  And I really think maybe kids get more out of their books when we read them together than when I set them off on their own with them.  I don’t know.

I feel like the class needs more structure.  More, like, ENFORCED rigor, rather than the-kids-will-create-it rigor.  Of course, that’s totally contrary to my teaching philosophy and style.

I don’t know.  But that’s what you get today, ever-declining readership!


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