And again.


This isn’t so much a poll as a BETTING POOL.  Please cast your lots immediately, as this is a time-sensitive issue:


2 Responses to “And again.”

  1. 1 J

    Hey, voters! You are all wrong! Here’s what happened:

    1. Department Chair sent out an incredibly long email stating her case about why the advanced classes need to be more exclusive. I mean, real long.

    2. We got to the meeting. Everyone was civil. Everyone voiced concerns. We all realized that the situation is pretty complex, and that the concerns voiced were pretty valid.

    3. Many seemed on board with implementing an AP class that would satisfy the exclusivity issue (this was not an issue that I raised, but still) and that I continue teaching the dual credit class as I have been (which I intended to do anyway?).

    4. I suggested we simply counsel rather than exclude the kids that some teachers are suggesting we exclude for next year. Some people seemed to think this was a good idea, but we didn’t exactly decide who was going to do that or when/how.

    5. That’s all the further we got. The next question is, what will department chair take away from all that? Did she hear us? WE SHALL SEE.

    6. Whoever said we’d reach a consensus that would make everyone happy wasn’t quite right, as I think Department Chair still thinks we’re all wrong.

  2. You need to seriously get on your game! I was expecting domination… maybe some brief violence and some dancing at the end. Very disappointed!

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