Matt just read above word in a comic book.  Suck THAT up, you dorfirs!  What I mean is, whoever said comics aren’t the smartest ever?

I was going to try out another exercise from Steering the Craft, but then stupid Steven King, whose writing I don’t even LIKE, made me feel all guilty for not reading enough, and so, instead, I am going to play with paint and maybe go read things.  That I didn’t write.  Because I’m READING, STEVEN KING, JESUS CHRIST WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME.


2 Responses to “UMBRAGEOUS!”

  1. 1 Mavina

    Steven King….he wants your terror I think, and then he wants your money. I say don’t let that butthead determine anything in your preciously (vegan, alternative in many ways)delightful life. Just tell him to go suck an old nasty lemon, and if he can’t find one, there is most likely one in the back of our fridge.
    Futhermore, he can barely write and people really should not consider him a writer even if he makes plenty of money doing what he does and and and.
    So there, paint your wagon and have a good time doing it, and then write about it for three consecutive days in a row.

  2. Ha haha! I’m assuming you’re talking about the book I threw your way?? Yes.. I have corrupted you! 😛

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