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And again.


This isn’t so much a poll as a BETTING POOL.  Please cast your lots immediately, as this is a time-sensitive issue: Advertisements



For me, going into my destined-to-be-totally-epic Department Meeting of Major Disagreements, and for anyone else who needs to feel strong as a man who chops down a tree and pretends to be a sled dog in order to prepare to face a sleek, well-funded adversary.



I definitely just dumped a half bottle of water on my laptop.

My stomach hurts a little from the worrying and also from the lack of sandwiches.  But I worry that if I get a sandwich I will not be around to receive the good news about Matt’s surgery?  Sandwich or no sandwich?  SANDWICH?!?!?!?! In other news, Matt is have that goddamned pernicious life-sucking cyst removed as […]



Matt just read above word in a comic book.  Suck THAT up, you dorfirs!  What I mean is, whoever said comics aren’t the smartest ever? I was going to try out another exercise from Steering the Craft, but then stupid Steven King, whose writing I don’t even LIKE, made me feel all guilty for not […]