Slow down, tiger!


Man, it is HITSVILLE MCGEE around here!   Wooooooooooooh!  Come on down to the party, rest of the internet, because there are SO MANY PEOPLE just virtually hanging out at my little corner of the cyberverse lately!  I think that French guy over there needs to stop smoking, though.  It’s not that kind of a party, gosh.  Proof:

Oh, Paint.  You!  Might be the salvation of this blog.  Move over, polls.  There’s a new big dawg in town.  And by town, I mean this blog.  And by big dawg, I mean way for me to laugh, and laugh, and laugh at my own jokes!

Bee-tee-dubs, one person came to this blog today.  One person came yesterday.  No one came the day before.

Get a fucking move on, my adoring hordes!


One Response to “Slow down, tiger!”

  1. 1 Mavina

    I should be cleaning and here I am sniffing around for your words. I really have to abort this mission and start shinning the toity. It’s not that I have to get that low to be inspired to read you, but I have had so many other word projects lately, that I haven’t gone on a snif for others, but I promise to be back. Love, as in a valentine sort of way.

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