“Don’t let anyone erase this, because this is very important to me.”


I am tired of not writing.  So, so tired.  I have been working and working and working this week and not ever writing at all.  I’m a think piece behind the kids–I’m still going to write it but holy Jesus WHEN?–and I haven’t even been responding to emails properly because it’s been teaching teaching teaching.  I haven’t even been doing UNproductive stuff!  Yow.

This one kid stuck around after class this morning telling me about how he’d go over to his grandparents’ place and just play with their magnetic poetry for hours.  I asked him if he’d been reading Haroun yet, and he said he had, and that it made him so happy.  Then he said that his grandparents’ magnetic poetry set was a first-grade version, so it had bunnies and puppies and such in it, which also made him so happy.  He said he might get me another magnetic poetry set as a thank you for making him think.

My witchy voodoo horoscopes have said a lot of things about me having problems that I can’t quite figure out right now.  I think that’s interesting, I guess.  They could’ve also said that I feel fat this week and been equally accurate, but hey.  And, and, I think putting any stock in those things gives me an even bigger head re: my intellect.  Being an Aquarius is supposed to mean that I’m all REVOLUTIONARY THINKER and such.  And you know I just eat that shit right up!

I’m a little bored with this post, so I’m gonna go write an email and then, and then, and then!  I’m going to write that think piece.  I want to hole up and read/write all day tomorrow.  Maybe I will.  I miss it.


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