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Man, it is HITSVILLE MCGEE around here!   Wooooooooooooh!  Come on down to the party, rest of the internet, because there are SO MANY PEOPLE just virtually hanging out at my little corner of the cyberverse lately!  I think that French guy over there needs to stop smoking, though.  It’s not that kind of a party, […]

And I promised my Sci-Fi kids I’d write a short story with them. It’s due tomorrow — well, a rough draft is anyway — and I’ve got a premise and a character, and that’s it. I don’t have a problem yet, beyond really obvious ones or really…adventurey cliche ones. Anyway, I’m planning to post it […]

[For anyone who’s new around here: I make my seniors write think pieces, which are basically targeted reflections over a unit we’re just wrapping up.  They can pick any focus as long as it’s relevant to class discussions or readings in some way.  I write these when they do, because I think they’re just that […]

I am tired of not writing.  So, so tired.  I have been working and working and working this week and not ever writing at all.  I’m a think piece behind the kids–I’m still going to write it but holy Jesus WHEN?–and I haven’t even been responding to emails properly because it’s been teaching teaching teaching.  […]