And while I’m at it…


2 Responses to “And while I’m at it…”

  1. 1 Mavina

    That must of been some damn great coffee~~I only had a cup left over from yesterday, but maybe now I’m ready for some caf-tea.
    Anyway, all the stuff you said about backpacking with sore feet/back, cold feet and too much stuff is what I remember about backpacking. I hate it. Car camping is much mo’ betta.
    I’ve been up to that Saratoga and me and the Brandtster have been yakin’ about goin’ but I am semi afraid of the roads and how much ice was around the pools. I could see crackin’ the head and lying like a wounded seal pup bleeding on the ice when I could have/ should have stayed in the little too hot water.
    I’m missin you. When you comin’ to yoga?

  2. 2 J

    The coffee eventually gave me a migraine after all. Boo, coffee. Boo.

    We’re hoping to make it over to yoga tonight. We’ve been slackers for sure. Can you move the class to 5:30? Forever? Because that would solve my whole life.

    Roads were great and ice was nil. We go to the free pool. Is that where you go?

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