Something…wait, no. Nothing.


Somehow I only have 15 minutes of plan period left, and as that’s really not enough time to start anything worthwhile, I figured I’d write maybe.

Today’s the first Monday of this semester.  To be honest, I think I’m doing a pretty good job so far, with the teaching.  I have enthusiasm!  I have smart!  I have can be good teach, no?

I’m still sort of battling the feeling of not feeling much of anything.  I’m keeping it down by keeping busy and not really paying much attention to myself, because self?  You are unimportant, at the moment.  You are a life-sucker.  You are a bottomless pit of energy consumption, and I can’t feed you right now.  Sorry.  So shut it.  I got shit to do.

Invisible Man!  Some students hate it.  Some appear to be enjoying it.  I still love it.

I think I’m about to eat some soup that’s gone bad.  Will I eat it?  Yes I will!  If I vomit during 4th hour, SO BE IT.  It’s a character builder.

I think the soup is fine.

Bear with me through these very drudgy posts; I’m sort of determined to keep writing through this funkiness, even if it’s torturously dull for you.


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