All I really want to do is listen to Blood on the Tracks. And that’s it. All the time.


Matt and I have been sitting around this evening looking through our not very extensive record collection.  We picked our favorite albums, and then starting picking our favorite songs off of them.  Here are some that made my cut:

Led Zeppelin, IV — “Going to California”

U2, War — “Seconds,” “Like a Song,” “The Refugee” (WHOA!  WHOA-OH!)

Bob Dylan, Nashville Skyline — “Lay Lady Lay”

The Clash, Combat Rock — “Know Your Rights,” “Straight to Hell,” “Sean Flynn”

And then all of Pet Sounds goes on the list as well.  I guess if I had to pick a song, it’d be “God Only Knows,” which, hello, everyone’s favorite song on that album probably!  Oh well.  It’s deserved.

I made this CD recently for myself — I like to make mixes for myself to suit my mood; predictably, it had a lot of really angsty sad songs on it — and it ended up having just a whole lot of really, really good music on it.  The first song is “Nobody ‘Cept You,” another Dylan one from a bootleg collection.  It’s live, and the quality’s not so good, but what really kills me about the song are the lines, “I know something has changed/I’m a stranger here and no one sees me/’cept you.”  His voice sort of breaks on ‘stranger,’ and it sort of also breaks my heart, it sounds so lonely and perfect.

Another song on that CD –the mix, that is — is “You’re a Big Girl Now,” from Blood on the Tracks, which, reread the title of this post already.  I listened to Blood on the Tracks a bunch over break, and on my drive back from Minnesota alone, and I just can’t believe how good it is.  I can’t believe that a better…anything, really, has ever been written about heartbreak and love and just the whole gamut of feelings wrapped up in love and loss.  It’s so beautiful.  So I basically only want to ever listen it it now, and not necessarily anything else.  Ever.

I’ve been driving to work and back in silence lately.  It’s been pretty good.  Sometimes I sing, but not very often.  Mostly I just think.  Lately I’ve been thinking my singing voice sounds really thin and watery and nasally, and I haven’t enjoyed singing as much.  I don’t know why I’m surprised at this, but I can sing better when I’m feeling really happy, like my voice is bigger and even scratchier in a good way and…do you know that I love to sing?  I’ll never really sing in front of you so that I can keep thinking that I sing well.  My absolute favorite, I think, is singing in church at Christmas.

Right now, I’m listening to “Farewell, Angelina.”  Matt’s on the phone with his friend Jon, who’s from Bismarck, but lives in Vancouver now.  Jon always calls when Matt and I are trying to have a really special night.  That’s not a euphemism.  Anyway, it was annoying for a while, and now it’s just, “Oh, it’s about the time of this really nice evening together for Jon to call and want to talk for hours!  RRRRRING!”  Anyway, I like Jon.

I wasn’t planning to write tonight, but here I am!

Several things have colluded to help lift me out of my stupid pseudo-depression a bit today.  Still, at lunch, I was all, “How, exactly, am I going to make it through the rest of the day?”  I would seriously enjoy not ever feeling like that again.  It’s a drag, man.  I’m so over it.

“Everybody’s making love or else expecting rain…” You know what the best lines of THIS song are?  These: “Right now I can’t read too good/Don’t send me no more letters, no.”  So on the mark, and the best, simplest way to say all the things that the rest of that really extensive song says.

(I’m saving Blood on the Tracks for after Jon and Matt are done gabbing, in case Matt wants to listen with me.  But I’m thinking it’s getting too late to get into that right now.)

They’re still talking, and I don’t want to do…other things, so I’m gonna write more about music.

Here are some of my other favorites at the moment!

Billy Bragg — “Which Side Are You On?” “The World Turned Upside Down,” and, particularly, “Between the Wars.”  The second gives me goosebumps — the guitar!  It’s like a sword slash!  Oh, it’s wonderful — but “Between the Wars” is… oh, it’s just so good.  I mean, it’s political — duh, it’s Billy Bragg — but somehow gets at why it’s political, what the feelings and experiences behind wanting a different world are all about, and what they feel like.

Plus it’s fun to try to sing it in Billy Bragg’s accent.  “Bwing me da bannahs fwum da doys gun boiy!”

Hum.  They’re still on the phone.  I’m outta talking, though.  Do you know that I love polls, though?  You really should vote on my polls.  It’s important to me.


3 Responses to “All I really want to do is listen to Blood on the Tracks. And that’s it. All the time.”

  1. 1 Mavina

    Wow…this thing about polls is something I haven’t ever thought about really. How does one, such as myself, who is so unaware of blogging possibilities, learn to add a poll to my blog? My poll would ask these statements, or polling possibilities…
    *I am depressed because of the winter seeming to go on forever, and really, it just has begun.
    *I am depressed because my body is creaky and doesn’t move well when the high is only 6 degrees.
    *I am depressed because I don’t really know if my seedlings will make it through these cold fucking nights without an expensive heater to ensure their lives go on.
    *I am old and that is what old people seem to do real well, is be depressed.
    *I am not depressed because I love snowshoeing and my friend lent me her snowshoes and it was fun tromping around the park up and over these fucking big drifts of crunchy, dirty whipped cream.

  2. 2 Mavina

    I also wanted to say that I have been real stuck on a recording of Round Mountain, which is a group out of Sante Fe I believe. I’m feeling like it is on the brink of a mental disorder/defect. Perhaps we are all like that and then that would sort of make it OK…

  3. 3 J

    When we come over to play CARDS sometime, I will show you how to put a poll in! I don’t know why, but I’m just completely addicted to them. It’s like they’re another genre to write in! They make me cheerful.

    On your poll, I would vote, “You have SEEDLINGS started already??” And also, “Snowshoeing sounds incredible and I hope you’re less depressed or not depressed soon.”

    Hmmm. I’ll have to check out the Round Mountain.

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