Lord, I was born a rambling man. Er, woman. Person.


End of year.  Assessment time.  I guess.

You know, I’m always assessing, though?  I’m always assessing.  To the point where I haven’t the slightest measure of perspective. DEJA VU.  I think this maybe needs to be an assessment-free end-of-year.  Thoughts: they are boring!  Unuseful!  Problematic, even!  I done thunked myself into a corner.  It’s not a pretty corner.  Somebody left a sock over here.

I’ll say, instead, what I like:

  • I like fun.
  • I like newness.
  • I like feeling strong and stubborn and capable.
  • I like breathing, and I like working on things.
  • I like my friends.
  • I like Matt.
  • I like my family.
  • I like learning and reading and writing.
  • I like being alone.
  • I like a little quiet once in a while, gosh.
  • I do like wine.
  • I also like water.
  • I like cold in my lungs.
  • I like movin’, movin’.

Anyway, there are things to stick around for, as that list is short and not at all comprehensive.  Sticking around is basically my goal.  I think that’s maybe the thing I’m still around for–just to stick around some more.  Unglamorous, uninspiring, but probably true and useful: the point of being here is to be here some more.  Eh.  It’s enough for me for now.


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