Being in my classroom is actually quite nice!


When there are no students in it?

I’ve just finished organizing my room a bit in preparation for finals.  I’ve got the lamps on, which is nice.  I’ve got the Neko Case on as well.  I’m pretty sure Neko Case is the woman I would be if, you know, I could belt it out like that, and had made other choices.  I guess what I’m saying is I like Neko Case’s music.

I just paused to look with, really, very little concern at my pile of grading.  Fun.  The only stress I can associate with it right now is a function of whiny seniors who want their papers back.  They’ve got a right to whine, I guess, but for serious, I’ve only had their mongo ten-page papers for like two weeks and I’ve graded other things of theirs and entered them.  You know, just shut up, seniors.  You have no idea how thin the string I’m hanging from is.  Oh, yours is also thin?  Really.

Oh!  I swam last night–38 laps in an hour, which isn’t maybe that impressive in general, but it’s my personal best.  And it felt so amazing.  I’ve had a lot on my mind lately–like, I’m trying to do a lot of life reevaluation on the fly, and it doesn’t actually work–but when I had my moment, the one I love where I dive under for the first time and stay under for as long as I can, just feeling the muted blueness, my reaction was HEY, FUCK OFF LIFE, I AM FINE.  By the time I finished, I figured all I really need is an indoor swimming pool and some frosty air when I get out.  I love swimming and the cold for the exact same reason, I think: They both make me feel strong, and clear, and precise, and like I should.


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