Hot Lab; Cold, Dead Heart


I started this post–barely–while in the lab with my freshmen.  (It’s why the title.)  Then they needed help.  On the whole, they needed very little supervision today.  Actually, I felt pretty helpful off and on, though, and as though I liked them, and as though I was a decent teacher, a little.  I can teach pretty well…one at a time.  Like, one kid.  When they’re all up in my face all, “MS MITCHELL MY CAT BROKE MY GRANDMA’S CELL PHONE I DON’T KNOW WHAT A COMMA IS MORE SUGAR PLEASE!” I’m just not…just not.  Go home, kids.

The kids, as it turns out, will be going home very soon!  As will I.  To the Minnesota.  I oughta make a book list for the things I would like to read there.  I must read many science fiction short stories, and probably Frankenstein.  I want to read some old books too.  I went to a bookstore last night and felt the books there and they all feel so disposable now.  I mean really floppy paperbacks.  They still smelled good, but in your hands…so cheap.  I feel cheated.  This is why people consider that computer thingy that reads the book for you and that also I’m not going to look up because durr, I am tired, shut up, shut up students.  I mean, readers.  Reader.

I tried REALLY hard to get this one out, so don’t harass me about how it’s awful.


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