Unfortunate, but…


No 200 words today.  I’ve tried a couple of times now to write a post but can’t come up with a single thing.  I’ve been reading kids’ argument papers.  They’re pretty uniformly not good.  Oof.  This can only be my fault, as I am not teaching the argument paper well at all this year.  I don’t know how I had so much time for so many things last year, and this year?  Not so much.  Shrug!  It is only one year.  One year of seniors who will leave my room not knowing how to write a decent argument.  I’m sure they’ll learn next year.  I care, but can’t care too much or I’ll get all wiggy with it.

Meanwhile, I wrote the following on a students’ poorly researched ethnography:

I imagine I am supposed to applaud your wit and excuse your blatant disregard for research integrity.  I’m feeling particularly humorless this evening, however, and refuse to give you a grade.  In fact, if you are interested in acquiring a grade on this total mockery of what I’ve asked you to do, you must write me a brief (one page, double-spaced) rationale for why I should not immediately fail you for using the bulk of this paper to indicate that you think this assignment is a joke.  Thank you!

Oh, calm down.  He really WAS making fun of the assignment the whole way through his paper.

HA!  234!  SUCKAS!


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