Christmas win.


It’s hardly even worth mentioning when I fail at things I set out to do with much enthusiasm!  (I missed yesterday’s 200 words, if you happened to notice, gosh.) Well, unless the principle of the thing is important, I don’t actually feel bad about not writing yesterday, as I was quite busy rescuing tree tops from certain deaths and failing at wearing obviously ironic holiday clothing…I mean, I succeeded at wearing the clothing, and failed at the irony.  Probably because, deep down inside me, there is a middle-aged woman who loves cats and sweaters with snowflakes on them.  And everybody KNOWS it.

Anyway, it’s cold here again.  I heartily approve, as I applaud the 8 inches of snow I had to scrape off my car just now, and that so enthusiastically tried to prevent my car from moving from its nestling hole.  I do not blame you, Camry, for getting cranky with that shit.  We prevailed nonetheless.

Matt and I decorated the Charlie Brown tree tonight.  It is seriously the most hideous tree we’ve ever had, largely because it is not a tree at all but the cut-off top branches of a very, very crooked pine.  It must’ve been sitting in the dump pile at the nursery for a couple of weeks at least, because it’s quite brown.  But it looks kinda nice with our old Mr. Worthless ornaments on it and the dubiously named “icicles” that I’ve saved since my brother and I made them when we were wee.  They’re made of red pipe cleaners and these strange flower-shaped clear plastic beads of varying sizes.

The Mr. Worthless ornaments are REALLY something, though; I mean, they’ve clearly been manufactured by people unfamiliar with Christmas, and maybe with human behavior in general?  We have one that has a pig face, but is dressed like Santa, and has a rocketpack on his back.  Then there’s Santa with boobs and a plunger?  Most of them are missing limbs, but that’s a function of their age rather than their conception.

This is just sort of how we do Christmas.  I find it charming, which is not code for “shitty.”  In this case.


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  1. 1 m

    Mr. Worthless prevails!

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