Hail the Reinstatement of the 200 Words a Day Challenge


Because it’s happening.  Oh yes.

It’s that point in the semester where, about 50% of the time, I really can’t be bothered to care that the grading is piling up and Christmas is coming and life, it seems, keeps charging on whilst I dawdle in fantasy.  Then I suddenly realize that the grading is piling up and Christmas is coming and I FREAK OUT OMG HOW AM I GOING TO GET ALL THIS DONE.  Then I’m okay again.  I’m okay right now, for example!  But I needs must do some grading this eve.  I brought an extra bag to pile some fieldnotes journals in to take home.

It’s cold.  If I were from Colorado, I’d say it were BITTER COLD, maybe even FRIGID, but as I am still essentially a Minnesota girl, I know these adjectives are plain inaccurate.  It’s cold.  I like the cold, really; it’s cleaner and more precise than the regular Colorado fare.  And of course, it makes me nostalgic, which I generally enjoy.

Hmm.  I’m reading my horoscope–which I know is silly, so you don’t need to tell me so–and it suggests a giant emotional MELTDOWN today!  Weeeeee!  Bring it on, repressed anxiety!  I WILL DESTROY YOU.  Meanwhile, I’ve also been reading about archetypes for my 9th grade class, and have discovered that many, many people slap terms on any number of unimaginative character types and call it an archetype!  There are some sites that apply archetypes to real-life personalities as well.  I find this vaguely insulting.  I mean, if you’re a writer, I feel you should be a writer, and write a character, rather than picking some off the laundry list and deciding in which order you will arrange them.

((Child: Wounded + Prostitute) x Trickster)/Destroyer = Avenger + Poet

I just wrote…well, I’m not sure what, but it’s a story, and it’s probably already been told, because maths, after all, have their limits.  I suppose words do as well.  Aaaand I’ve hit mine.  320.


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