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She watched as the frost spread in cracks across the night’s cloudy face as her breath hissed out of her throat.    She liked the way it creaked into the dark silence. She wasn’t sure she could get her car unstuck; the snowdrift she’d skidded into was easily six feet deep, and she, shovelless, stared resignedly […]

So I’m reading Hocus Pocus right now, and the chapter I just finished ended with the line, “I have lifted this speech from Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations. If more people would acknowledge that they got their pearls of wisdom from that book instead of the original, it might clear the air.”  I guess that’s saying something […]

End of year.  Assessment time.  I guess. You know, I’m always assessing, though?  I’m always assessing.  To the point where I haven’t the slightest measure of perspective. DEJA VU.  I think this maybe needs to be an assessment-free end-of-year.  Thoughts: they are boring!  Unuseful!  Problematic, even!  I done thunked myself into a corner.  It’s not […]

For some reason, I tend to title these before I write them, which I guess is probably evident?  Anyway, it’s unlike me.  I generally leave the first parts for last, as you do.  (Note: I’ve been trying to figure out how to use “as you do” in a sentence, and I’m still not quite sure […]

That’s right.  It’s the second time in one day and I’m posting AGAIN.  You don’t even KNOW WHAT TO DO with me, because I am all up ons this blog like oat on meal. I’ve been grading those painfully boring (a function of the assignment, not the students, I think) ethnographies for about a thousand […]

When there are no students in it? I’ve just finished organizing my room a bit in preparation for finals.  I’ve got the lamps on, which is nice.  I’ve got the Neko Case on as well.  I’m pretty sure Neko Case is the woman I would be if, you know, I could belt it out like […]

I started this post–barely–while in the lab with my freshmen.  (It’s why the title.)  Then they needed help.  On the whole, they needed very little supervision today.  Actually, I felt pretty helpful off and on, though, and as though I liked them, and as though I was a decent teacher, a little.  I can teach […]