Welcome to the holidays, suckas.


This picture is currently my desktop wallpaper.

First of all, apparently I’m going to start posting my blogs on facebook?  I’m sure this is ill-advised, but I’m tired of being lazy about writing and figure a potentially wider audience might give me a little kick in the pants?  More importantly, I’ve been having these…ideas…about how I don’t have enough personal integrity, and making my blog accessible to basically everyone who’s ever known me and is also on facebook seems like it will sort of force me to…I don’t know, have a consistent writing/thinking persona?  Either that or it’s just incredibly narcissistic.  I will get back to you on that one.

Second (middle school transitions!), I am in an airport.  [Note: I am no longer in an airport.] I had to pay for the wireless here (I know, stupid) so I’m trying to make the most of it.  I’ve posted grades, read a couple of blogs, dicked around on facebook, and networked my blog!  I’m succeeding at internet.  Right now. [Note: I failed, however, at posting this entry right then.]  Not the point.  Whenever I’m in airports I feel a little like I’m in a mockumentary.  I think it’s the midwestiness of my destinations.  And The Office.  Anyway, witness: Loud Guy four rows away on plane having an intensely audible cellphone conversation about how he’s beat up his brother-in-law every year for the past seven on Thanksgiving with HILARIOUS RESULTS (hospitals!  broken wrists [not for the past two years, though]! family turmoil!  mortified neighboring flight passengers!).

Third, we’re boarding now.


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