Had to write real quick-like to point out that the number of hits here = the last four digits of our home phone number!  Do not get any ideas.

I miss my childhood phone number.  Do you?


3 Responses to “1339”

  1. 1 m

    yeah, i kinda do. probably a big part of this for me is it’s a connection to another era of my life when i lived with my family and shared all that comes with that.

    i just had a dream this last night about one of my childhood homes. i was in the alley with an old friend i don’t know anymore and we looked at the house. it was very different–the whole house was sided in this antique-looking, brown tin (like you might find for a ceiling in an old building). the roof, too, had this on it. the back door was open and somehow you could see right through the main part of the house and out through the front door. for some reason, i awoke thinking of the basketball hoop over the garage door in the alley.

  2. 2 Mavina

    I was thinking of my phone number from grade school the other day and wondering why I could remember it, when I can’t always remember phone numbers I wish I could, like clients, bosses and institutions where I work and stuff like that. The other thing I remember about that phone line was that it was a party line, which meant not only were other people sharing the line and you could listen in(which I was told was not a good idea…) but you couldn’t use the phone unless it was not being used by someone else. If someone wanted to use it and you were on it, you could hear them picking it up and putting down their reciever A LOT. I don’t think they have that kind any more…but I have been on the phone before and could hear other people talking in the far distance, which is sorta kinda like that.

  3. 3 J

    I just remembered that I had a dream…wait, no, it was reality first, and then repeated/exaggerated in my dream…that I was on the phone with a parent and we got crossed with another phone call…wait, now I’m not sure whether I had a dream about that at all…

    Anyway, it was weird. Which leads me to mention…

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