I am accidentally overcaffeinated and incidentally listening to THE CLASH!  I think Spanish Bombs is basically my favorite song ever right now.

It’s Saturday!  And it feels like a Saturday, which hasn’t happened for a while.  I love it!  I’ve cleaned the house, gone out for breakfast with Matt (it was great!), started a load of laundry, talked to mom and dad AND Jason, and made a few plans for the day!  It’s been a good morning.  And now I’m writing, which I also like.

I know that I’ve basically made myself my primary audience for these posts of late, and that this has become one of those blogs that’s just really self-indulgent and boring, but I’m okay with that.  I dun kerrrr!  It’s my blog!  I do what I want!

I gotta get a card for my mom and my brother for their birthdays in August (yeah yeah), and get a present for mi madre.  I got my brother one already.  There is an incredibly slim chance that he’s reading this, so, since I suck at gambling, I’ll not tell you what it is.  But I think he’ll like it!  Hint: Meaty Rills!  No.  Just kidding.

I got really into astrology for a while again and then found out that I’m a Capricorn rising and that is a little horrifyingly unsurprising so…I got tired of it again, for the time being.  It bugs me that my chart is so goddamned predictable!  Aquarius sun, Capricorn rising, Pisces moon.  So fucking balanced!  I dunno.  It’s just…exactly what I’d expect to be, I guess.  For a couple of weeks, I had the mistaken notion that I was  a Scorpio rising, which COMPLETELY made me reevaluate myself, only to find out that I was, you know, mistaken.  Which anyone, including me, could’ve figured out.  I’m about as overtly sexual as a gummy bear.  No Scorpio in this house, friends.  The moral of the story is probably that I know myself pretty well, which is good.  Man, it’s boring to be so healthy and well-adjusted!  I am half-kidding!  Is that hyphen really necessary?


2 Responses to “SPANISH BOMBS!”

  1. 1 m

    in andalucia!

  2. 2 J

    Oh, my corazon!

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