Oh man!


“Oh man!” is seriously about my favorite thing to say these days.  You should try it!


Oh man!  I just checked my stats and for some reason there are, like, three people reading this blog still!  Not the same people all the time, as far as I can tell, but people searching for things like, oh, the trazillion books I’ve name-dropped on here, and–YES–meaty rills.

For serious, could someone who’s searching the net for meaty rills PLEASE leave a comment to tell me what the hell a meaty rill is and why, if a meaty rill is a real thing, my blog is the first search result for said “real thing”?  Because I’m feeling this very strong metaphysical affinity with meaty rills now, and I’m determined to believe that they only exist within the context of this blog, and I will be enormously disappointed to find out that I’m wrong.

At any rate, fearless readers and meaty rill seekers, you’ve inspired me.  I feel like being back now.  So thanks.


One Response to “Oh man!”

  1. 1 m

    meaty rills? hmmm….i have no idea. but i’m sure glad you’ve been inspired to write here!

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