A Labor of…Labor. It’s work, folks.


Oh man, does that title there ever sum it all up.

I haven’t written in a very long time because I really, really haven’t wanted to.  At all.  Well, that’s overstating the case.  I haven’t really wanted to, is my point.  Wait, no, that’s not it either.  I’ve wanted to.  Or maybe I’ve wanted to want to.  Or I’ve just wanted to write something that didn’t make me want to throw up when I read it?

School has started again.  I think if I were writing this two days ago, I’d have been all, “SQUEEE!  SCHOOL!” but today I’m all, “School.  It’s work.”  I screwed up a couple of lesson plans today which irked me and then made my classes sort of go to shit, which, you know, will happen!  When you haven’t planned them well!  Or maybe when you HAVE planned them well but failed to save your plans before attempting to transfer them from one computer to another!

I’m not finishing this one; I’m just gonna let it go.  I’m hoping it will get me going again on this here blog…we’ll see.


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