Reflection: Women in Love


Here was the culmination of my experience with my VERY HIGHLY ANTICIPATED second go-round with D.H. Lawrence.

Women in Love

So after I finished this one, I was so ??? about the ending that I went back and read the of-marginal-usefulness introduction, which told me that if I didn’t get it, it meant I didn’t know Lawrence well enough. After reading this book, I guess I feel like I know Lawrence maybe a little too well. It seemed to me that Ursula and Gudrun, who both were very real and complex for me in The Rainbow, were subordinated, in terms of characterization, to Birkin/Lawrence and Gerald/whoever he was supposed to represent. Ursula in particular seemed rather gutted here. This was annoying to me, as was the sense I had that Lawrence was really blatantly working out his real-life relationships through the fiction here. I finished feeling like the book was for Lawrence, not for me.


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