Trying something(s) new.


So I’m using Word’s “Create a Blog Post” dealie to try to write this one. I’m thinking I may be able to blog from school using this app? Dunno. Prolly not. Still, worth a try.

In other news, a couple of colleagues and I are going to be starting up a virtual workshop/blog in a bit. We’re going to post writing there and workshop it. It’s a way for us to make ourselves write more. I’m thinking it will address some of the concerns that I’ve been having about this here blog, in that it will give me a separate place to publish things I’m a bit more serious about? Plus, it’s collaborative, or at least shared, which makes me feel better and is pretty exciting as well.

We may also get a book discussion blog going, which would be really cool. I was on facebook writing book reviews for the LivingSocial Books application and I really like it. Not, “I really like being a book critic!” but, “I really like sharing my perspective on books and reading the perspectives of others!” What’s nice about that app is that people can post their little idiosyncratic responses without any pressure (other than self-imposed) to even be coherent, let alone Professional-Sounding.

OMG I’m listening to “Tower of Song” by Leonard Cohen and I really like it right now. Good!

Anyway, I’m off to plan the English Retreat schedule. UNLIMITED POWER!!!!!


5 Responses to “Trying something(s) new.”

  1. 1 sassy

    hey woman! if you’re into sharing your thoughts on books and reading others’ thoughts on them, you may be interested in this (which is essentially that):



  2. 3 sassy

    oh, and i don’t know why the “if” got before the URL. ignore it!

  3. 4 Nathan

    Of course, Jen, you and your colleagues could write and workshop at the website Barry Hess and I started: 🙂

    • 5 J

      I checked that puppy out–it looks pretty fun! I don’t know that I’m horribly adept at very short fiction, though… :/

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