A possible change of plans…


So I keep getting these emails from livejournal because apparently I have one of those that I never use.  When I mentioned this to L, she was all, “Squee!  lj!”  She’s coming over shortly to tell me about it.  Well, actually, that’s not the purpose of her visit, but still.

The reason I’m telling you this (YOU!) is that I may end up using lj to puke stupid personal thoughts on and force myself to do a bit more of a formal fancybusiness on this here blog.  I don’t know!  I don’t really know what I’m doing with this thing right now.  I recently advised a student to find a writing milieu (word choice?) (venue?) (I know medium works, but that’s not what I want here) that allowed him to write for an audience–like, consciously; you know, basically the opposite of what I generally use this thing for.  I’m thinking about following my own advice and making this here thing you’re reading more of a Think Piece Dumping Zone rather than an I-Ate-Cake-Today Dumping Zone.

Anyway, whaddaya think?  I don’t know, but L is here and we shall discuss.


2 Responses to “A possible change of plans…”

  1. 1 J

    Nevermind. I can’t understand the lj. I mean, it is almost TOTALLY unnavigable for me. Also, I kinda LIKE the mishmash of crap plus thoughts plus crappy thoughts on this bad boy. I’m-a keep it. Just like it is. For now.

  2. 2 m4

    my feeling echo your comment–i like the variety here. and i enjoy reading all of it! a multifaceted milieu of mishmashing.

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