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There is a squirrel on my porch right now.  About five minutes ago, as I was gazing sleepily out the screen door, said squirrel LEAPED onto the door from seemingly NOWHERE , attaching itself to the metal grating about at the level of MY FACE.  And STAYED THERE.  Just hanging onto the door. Some background: […]



Somehow I stopped tagging things, and so my tag cloud looks pretty boring.  No more! Summer has begun in earnest, which means…. MORE D.H. LAWRENCE!!!! And gardening, and thinking, and using my body, and oh dear am I ever excited. I’ve a feeling you’ll be hearing from me soon.

So I’m using Word’s “Create a Blog Post” dealie to try to write this one. I’m thinking I may be able to blog from school using this app? Dunno. Prolly not. Still, worth a try. In other news, a couple of colleagues and I are going to be starting up a virtual workshop/blog in a […]

So I keep getting these emails from livejournal because apparently I have one of those that I never use.  When I mentioned this to L, she was all, “Squee!  lj!”  She’s coming over shortly to tell me about it.  Well, actually, that’s not the purpose of her visit, but still. The reason I’m telling you […]

I’m listening to kind of a really funny poem by Billy Collins right now called “Lanyard.”  And because I’M REALLY EMOTIONAL RIGHT NOW (What?  Step off.), it also sounds kind of sad. I am immersing myself in trash tonight.  Like, I just watched back-to-back episodes of Grey’s Anatomy (DRAMA!) and Private Practice (OMGZ, EVEN MORE […]