I really like blogging!


This just in!

No, I do.  I do.  It’s been a good more-than-two-weeks since I’ve written, though.  But first things first: My face!  Is almost completely healed.  I am Wolverine-y in my capacity for quick healing, apparently, though I did get a nasty case of bronchitis as a sort of fuck you bonus.  I’m coughing up odd things I ate when I was 15, like Lego men.  (We [maybe just me?] made a pastime of swallowing them while watching Romeo and Juliet, The Old Version With Tights and Nudity, in my supercool 9th grade English class.  Super!)

Oh, I’m bored with this post already.  I’ll write later, when I’ve more to say.  Sorry for the false alarm!


2 Responses to “I really like blogging!”

  1. 1 L

    You’re my fave. I might/probably hang out with you and M and T and the other L tomorrow night! No telling if C can make it, or the rest of the alphabet.

  2. 2 J

    L and T and M and I terribly missed you and C last night. Oh, and X, Y, Z didn’t show up either. However, L (as in LINDARGGGGGH) was there in spirit. You would have TOTALLY dorked out with us to that movie.

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