Face it!


Alternate Title: Put Your Best Face Forward!

Alternate Alternate Title: Fun with Aubergines

I’m listening to “Queen Jane Approximately” right now.  That’s Dylan.  I’ve got this one former student who insists that all I listen to is Bob Dylan.  He is wrong.

Alright, so to start this post in earnest, I must issue a very serious and serious-minded and CRUCIALLY IMPORTANT note of caution/warning to anyone considering cooking eggplant.  I am going to have to put it in all caps, sorry: IF YOU ARE BAKING A WHOLE EGGPLANT IN THE OVEN, BE ABSOLUTELY SURE TO PIERCE ITS SKIN IN SEVERAL PLACES BEFORE YOU BAKE IT.

I failed to take the above precautionary measure and winded up with molten eggplant all over my face, and then pus-filled blisters all over my face, and, as of today (four days later), painful-looking red splotchy blister remains all over my face.  Second-degree burns which are unlikely to scar badly but will probably always be a little discolored.  Do not do this.  Pierce your damn eggplants.  No matter how much of a hurry you’re in to enjoy some delicious baba ghanoush, as I was.  Because baba ghanoush is really friggin’ delicious.  But EGGPLANTS!  Are treacherous.  Forget it not.

See?  Now I’m listening to Radiohead.

Anyway, I’m tired of thinking about how DISFIGURED I feel in light of this accident, yet I can’t stop thinking about it.  It’s incredibly boring.  To me.  But it’s still there!  I actually made myself leave the house yesterday to make myself feel less like a monster who needs to be confined to the home.  When I got to the coffee shop, I watched for people to stare and glance and such.  It’s ridiculous!  I need to stop thinking about it.  But I DO look pretty rough.

Bleh.  Be careful with your eggplants.

I jacked a bunch of music off of my friend Sara’s I-Tunes the other day when I was visiting her in Seattle and I’m listening to it now.  That’s what I’m doing.

Burn doctor appointment in 45 minutes.

This is a terrible post, but I think I’ll put it up anyway.  I’ve been thinking about a lot of things lately but none of them appear to want to come out here just yet.  I’ll work on it later.


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