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Face it!


Alternate Title: Put Your Best Face Forward! Alternate Alternate Title: Fun with Aubergines I’m listening to “Queen Jane Approximately” right now.  That’s Dylan.  I’ve got this one former student who insists that all I listen to is Bob Dylan.  He is wrong. Alright, so to start this post in earnest, I must issue a very […]

These above things are what I’m working on right now. You’re welcome.

Oh, the blank “page.”  Isn’t it great how Word and other programs try to make you think you’re typing onto actual paper?  Do you ever stop to think about how it is, in fact, NOT all that logical that letters and such pop up onto the fake paper on your screen when you’re typing simply […]

So it’s nine, which is past ye olde bedtime, and it’s a school night, which is uncool, and I have a miserable cold that I condemned myself to when I scoffed at my coworkers’ excitement about the possible advent of a cure for the common cold (“No!  We don’t need it!  You got a cold?  […]

This whole blogging business is becoming a thing of desperation for me.  Or it is right at the moment, anyway.  LIFE feels like a thing of desperation when I’m this tired and unable to actually feel tired, though. “Thing of desperation.”  How melodramatic! I feel sort of fibrous and electric right now. I mean, I […]

Here’s last year’s, then.  Have I changed? One of the questions that have been the most interesting and most perplexing to me as I’ve encountered postmodernism in texts is “What’s the point?” This seems like an infuriatingly modernist, industrial sort of question in light of postmodern thought, but I might as well admit that at […]

Think Pieces, now and then.  The most recent one didn’t work out as well as I’d hoped, and is a little redundant in light of things I’ve written on here previously (read: last summer), but since it’s not really FOR you, I guess I just don’t care what you think.  Anyway, here’s this year’s Think […]