and it’s contagious!


I will tell you what’s contagious: Damn Regina Spektor!  I was all determined not to like her–that’s why I’m jumping on this bandwagon after it’s not cool to anymore–but it turns out she’s more Harry Potter than Twilight: popular for a (good) reason.  The reason: Good to sing along with.  Increases my range.  Why can’t I have Regina Spektor in the car?  Car = singing.  I wouldn’t actually want Regina Spektor in my car, though.  We’d have a car sing-off and she would win so, so hard.  And then she’d probably write a song on the spot and win a goddamn grammy for it.  Not that I’m one of those people who just hates talented people on principle, but goddammit Regina Spektor, stop beating me at singing IN MY OWN CAR!  Don’t you know you’re a guest here?!  A little courtesy, please.

“Us” makes me feel like I’m riding in a rickety carriage on a bumpy road through some sweeping countryside.  On acid.

No post worth its salt is fewer than 200 words long.  What else is new with you, Jen?  Well, let’s see…



Postmodern identity decenterization!



Walter Payton!

Letter from Paul to the Galatians!

…and it’s contagiou-u-u-u-us!


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