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TOTALLY at the top of google’s search list when searching for “spontaneous fish.”  Beautiful. Advertisements

I’ve got an idea I want to puzzle through here, so I’m going to write a Think Piece.  For myself.  Here goes! I recently read an essay by Susan Bordo called “Never Just Pictures.”  The essay is all about how images in the media–particularly ones produced by the fashion industry–affect self-image and mental health.  Sort […]

Reading Day!


I had the day off today!  So I did my favorite thing besides actually doing things: reading.  A former student of mine lent me a book of essays that she read in her CO150 (College Composition) course last semester.  I read these essays: “The Joy of Reading and Writing: Superman and Me” by Sherman Alexie […]

So I wrote this one at school and saved it as a word document and am now posting it.  YOU CANNOT KEEP ME FROM BLOGGING DURING MY CONTRACT HOURS, WEBFILTER: This warrants a post, and it’s totally going to sound like me blowing my own horn, but I just heard a parent point to me […]

Bad News Bears


So bad! They HAVE blocked access to wordpress, rather permanently, it seems, at the school.  This means I can’t blog shittily whenever I feel like it.  I can only blog shittily while I’m at home!  What a bunch of bullcrap.  Don’t these people understand that sometimes one has to waste their plan period in order […]

Literally! No, just kidding.  I mean, I have a headache, and I just got done with parent-teacher conferences, but I do not, in fact, think that parents are a headache.  My conferences went well.  I like that.  I like it when that happens. Woah!  So I let a student (a very sweet and innocuous little […]

I will tell you what’s contagious: Damn Regina Spektor!  I was all determined not to like her–that’s why I’m jumping on this bandwagon after it’s not cool to anymore–but it turns out she’s more Harry Potter than Twilight: popular for a (good) reason.  The reason: Good to sing along with.  Increases my range.  Why can’t […]