Birthday Week Extravaganza


So I’ve decided to spend the entire week celebrating le 30.  This seems more useful than just one day, and far more sufficient.  Should I feel self-centered and narcissistic about this?  Decidedly.  Do I care?  Nay.

However, thus far “celebrating” has basically consisted of me telling everyone that it’s my birthday week.  I also dressed up a little today, but I’m not sure that counts as celebrating exactly.

Apparently excessive celebration feels like a comfortable fit in the “attitudes towards turning 30” category at the moment.

Unfortunately, I’ve also been thinking about wrinkles lately.  My friend Yowren recently pointed out that she’s “starting” to get “a” wrinkle.  And it’s true.  One wrinkle, not yet fully formed.  I’ve had wrinkles since ’84, I think.  Well, for a while.  I’m very animated in THE FACE.  Ask anyone.  Wrinkles are the low, low price I pay for being incredibly physically expressive.  In the face.  Anyway, I’m 30.  Almost 30.  And I like the sun, and I should have a wrinkle or 46.

And, dammit, it’s my birthday week!


One Response to “Birthday Week Extravaganza”

  1. 1 m

    Happy birthday week! And there was much rejoicing.

    Weee! Yea!

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