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So I’ve decided to spend the entire week celebrating le 30.  This seems more useful than just one day, and far more sufficient.  Should I feel self-centered and narcissistic about this?  Decidedly.  Do I care?  Nay. However, thus far “celebrating” has basically consisted of me telling everyone that it’s my birthday week.  I also dressed […]

So I make my kids write these things called Think Pieces (which I adapted from an assignment that Cindy O’Donnell-Allen, er, assigned us in our Teaching Reading course) at the end of every literature unit in the spring.  I love them–both writing them and reading them–because they’re generally a nice opportunity to puzzle through things […]

I wrote the following stuff yesterday: Yeah, I’m not entirely sure I have something to write about, but I feel as though I’ve been nearly criminally neglectful of this puppy as of late. It’s really beautiful outside today, which makes being inside at once more and less pleasant.  I mean, it’s sunny and cheery in […]

So I aborted The Fourteen Things.  Did you notice?  Break is over, and so is time.  Well, no; time technically has not stopped.  But break has.  I had my first day back at school with kids today.  It was…less than stellar.  I’m having serious second thoughts about how I’ve decided to rearrange the semester.  Today, […]