Fourteen Things


First, I’m on break, and fall semester is over, and that’s a huge weight off.  Whew.

Because I’m on break and I have, momentarily, time to do things that normal people do, I’ve determined that I need to do at least fourteen noteworthy things before I go back to school.  Then I have to write about each of these things.  That means 14 new posts for you to read before Jan. 5!  Theoretically.

At any rate, I’m not sure what the fourteen things are yet.  Here are some ideas that have happened or are certain to happen (note: not all of these are noteworthy):

  • Extreme drive home
  • Reading Fledgling
  • Re-reading The Fall
  • Christmas?  Have I written about the debacle that is Christmas in my family?
  • Finishing grading?  Why would I write about that?
  • Flute and Piano Bar for New Year’s Eve
  • Chess?
  • Laptop? (I have a laptop now.  This could be Bad news for the blog.  Like, Michael Jackson Bad.)
  • Seeing old friends (I don’t generally do this over breaks, but am during this one…)
  • Is that fourteen yet?  Shit.  What else am I going to do?

At any rate, I may try to write about the first of the Fourteen Things later this evening.


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