200-Words-Every-Six-or-Seven-Days-or-so Suck Challenge


I’m sucking at writing 200 words a day.  You’ve probably noticed?

I’m needing what feels like a serious attitude adjustment here, folks, and not just about the total fail I’ve committed at the 200-W-A-D challenge.  I’m having trouble getting done what needs getting done, and things are piling up, and I’m having a bit of trouble caring, but my nerves continue to care nonetheless, so it’s all turning me into a bit of a mess.  Stressy mess.  I thought maybe committing to writing more would help with this a bit, but it has, instead, made me a tiny bit INCREDIBLY bored with myself.  Blah blah me me me.  And if I’m bored, I’m sure others are as well.

So I’ve decided that READING more is the real solution here.  I need new things to think about, and I’m too frazzled and spaced-out most of the time to try to conjure them up for myself, so I’m going to rely on other stuff–stuff that other people write–in order to try to achieve this end.  Therefore.  I shan’t be writing again until I have something interesting to write about.

If you’d like me to write more/more interestingly, then you should send me stuff to read.

El fin!  The 200-W-A-D Challenge is hereby suspended.


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