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Hi there.  How’ve you been?  Haven’t seen you around these parts lately. I’ve been up to me eyeballs in work as of late.  Work, and sick, and procrastination.  And I’m still not sure I have anything worthwhile to say.  I’ve been reading some English Journal articles that make me wanna fight the power (which is, […]

“The Lottery in Babylon” by Jorge Luis Borges “The Rock That Changed Things” by Ursula K. LeGuin “Two Blue Birds” by D.H. Lawrence Recommend, recommend, recommend with reservations.

I’m sucking at writing 200 words a day.  You’ve probably noticed? I’m needing what feels like a serious attitude adjustment here, folks, and not just about the total fail I’ve committed at the 200-W-A-D challenge.  I’m having trouble getting done what needs getting done, and things are piling up, and I’m having a bit of […]