Just in case you were worried…


The tumor hasn’t killed me yet.  Still alive!  I’m determined to have a rad day today, mostly because I had a bit of a shit day yesterday, and I’ve been thinking lately about how I don’t want to waste my days, even when it’s so tempting to do so (cough school year cough) because I’m too tired to try to live a creative existence.  This is inexcusable.  So I’m eating a burrito, I’m going to make an awesome plan for Monday’s 9th English class, and I’m gonna be really engaged in my own life today!  That’s my goal, anyway.


So the awesome plan for 9th English was AWESOME!!!  Well, no.  But it was better than it has been, that’s for sure.  I’m trying to use the whole “let kids teach themselves by asking each other questions and such” method that works so well in my College Lit classes in all the levels.  True that not all 9th graders ask great questions, and it’s weird and unexpected for them to be asked to think deeply, but it’s good for them.  I’m sure of it!  And they really do have some neat conversations–like about the relationship between memory and emotion, and the power that goes with having access to knowledge that other people don’t have.  They’re neat, is what I’m sayin’!  9th graders are kinda neat!

This is already a huge improvement over my yesterday’s mindset.


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