Things o’ the Day


I’m going to a concert in a few minutes (FC Wind Symphony–which is cool, though I wish it were a real symphony [you know, with strings and such] because I am a sucker for the strings, but no offense of course intended L because I’m sure it’s actually going to be really fantastic and who doesn’t love a little bari in their lives?), but I just remembered that I owed this board 200 words, so here we go.  Matt wants me to talk about voting, which I’d be glad to, but that would be a diatribe of the sorts that I just can’t puke out in the SIX! minutes before I leave.  Holy Suicide Blonde!  That’s what’s playin’ on the turntable ri’ naw.  Sounds good, I must say.  FIVE!

Karen’s in town.  She tells me I need to get married.  So she can be in a wedding.  Shrug.  We talk about kids, and about her budding romance (more than budding at this point, I suppose) with one of our high school classmates (!).  She’s thinking of moving back to MN for grad school…at least partly because Le Troy lives there.  I think this is crap, of course, because she was previously talking about moving to FC for the same, but am nonetheless happy to see her thinking about committing herself to a relationship that makes her happy.  So that’s, actually, pretty cool.

I’ve said before (though probably not on here) that Karen and I are sort of at our finest when we are egging each other into acts of, inevitably, unparallelled ludicrosity (definitely not a word, but YOU try nouning ludicrous!).  This is true of ALWAYS.

Time to go to el concerto.  You, invisible reader, have a fine evening!


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