Two days now, I’ve missed my 200 words.  This?  Is a massive fail.  I even THOUGHT about it last night and was all, “I don’t feel like writing!” so I didn’t do it.  I suppose I was worried that I’d write about NOTHING, like I am about to (and, to be accurate, like I’m already doing).  Anyway, I know I won’t want to write tonight so here goes.

Friend K is coming to town tonight and I’m pretty excited about that.  We generally do really rockstar things when we get together.  She’s been calling every night this week because she’s hating her job (also teaching, I might add).  I think she’s just ALLOWING herself to not like teaching because this is her last year, at least at the school she currently teaches in.  I know that I’ve done this with jobs before–I don’t let myself think about how unhappy I am until the end is in sight, because seriously, why would we continue doing something that makes us unhappy if we were constantly aware of how unhappy it makes us?  When we know it’s almost over, though–that’s a different story.

This makes me worry a bit, I confess, that I don’t like my job as well as I think I do.  Would I confess to myself that I didn’t like teaching–something that I know I’m going to be doing for the next superseveral years?  Methinks no.  Ah, perspective, wherefor art thou?


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