COMPLETELY forgot to write yesterday.  Bummer.  And I was doing so well!

Here’s another interesting search term that led people to el blog here: “fwhat to write in a first time mom’s car”.  Why on earth are people searching for these things?  Also, fwhat brings us together.  Thank goodness for typos!  Let it be known that I use all typos strategically and never not on purpose.  NEVER!  Unless I make fun of myself immediately thereafter.

In addition to the above miscellany, I’d like to issue an apology for my exceedingly immature last post.  Clearly, I was feeling neither well nor writerly.  One of those can probably be excused, but not both in the same post.  So there.  Sorry.

So, hyphens–I know I need them when I want to make two words act as one word, like a bang-up job, but why don’t I need them when I call the same thing messed up?  I seem to need one when I call something a well-oiled machine, but I don’t seem to need one when I say something like, “Her speech was well received.”  If I change it to, “Her speech was very well-received,” I feel like I need one.  I’m having an existential hyphen crisis.  Please advise.  And someone other than L can definitely chime in here, because addressing my grammar and usage concerns is perhaps more of a burden than one person can really be expected to handle.  I’m wondering now if I’ve ALWAYS made these sorts of mistakes but never paid attention to them.  Could it be?  Is it possible?  I think this calls for a poll:


269, suckas!  Oops, 270.  271, I mean.  273.


One Response to “Fail!”

  1. 1 J says this: “Hyphenation in English is highly variable, and in many contexts, it really doesn’t matter.” I’m adding them to the poll now.

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