Not wanting to write my 200 words today. At all.


I’ve got a horrible headache and all I really want to do with my evening is go to bed and/or read The Borrowers Afield in the bath, but alas, I made this ridiculous fucking commitment to writing 200 words a day and well that’s just fucking great!

I had fucking inservice all day today at school and boy, was that energizing!  No.  No it wasn’t.  Nor was finding out THIS MORNING that after all those fucking pointless meetings DURING the school day, I also had one DIRECTLY AFTER ALL THOSE OTHER FUCKING MEETINGS!  Awesome.  My superior exhibits the peak of professionalism at all times, let me tell you.  I found out, too, that one of my trusted cohorts in the English department is probably looking for a new job next year.  Great.  Should I?

La la la that’s three more words, right?

I went through my pile of grading to try to grade the work of students who have F’s (does that fucking apostrophe belong there or not?  Can someone please just tell me every punctuation and grammar rule right fucking now, because I’m sick of doubting myself whenever I write!) so that they wouldn’t have F’s (AAAAAAAUGH!) on their quarter grade reports, but most of them didn’t even HAVE any more work, so their grades went DOWN instead of up!!!!!  And I feel fucking GUILTY about this, because I didn’t let them know/hound them about them earlier!!!!!  This is not my fault!!!!!  AAAAAAUUUUUGGHGGGHGGHGHGH!!!!!!!111!!!!111!!!1!!!!



3 Responses to “Not wanting to write my 200 words today. At all.”

  1. 1 L

    The apostrophe is okay but not necessary!

  2. 2 J

    Thanks, L. So I could write “Fs” and that would be fine? Really? Can you tell EVERYONE this, because I’ve been railing against that apostrophe for CENTURIES.

  3. 3 L

    Wow, you’re really old.

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