Blogging about serious things.


Alright, so an unforeseen side-effect (hyphen necessary?  Probably not.  I’ll get back to that question, though.) of committing to blogging 200+-W-A-D is that I’m tending not to write because of some meaningful occasion or interesting ponderance I’ve been mulling over, but rather because I have to.  As a result, my posts are becoming, perhaps increasingly, flippant and directionless.  Or maybe I’m really fooling myself by believing that my posts were ever serious and focused!  This is probably closer to the truth.

But!  I’ve got school-year-induced ADD, and I’m off to another topic.  Can’t dwell on much of anything for long!  I’m being conditioned into a fucking spazz-minded, flippant-mouthed frazzlehound.  It’s school.  I wonder if school does this to the kids, too?  They seem not to have to multitask quite as regularly as us teacherfolk, at least in the course of one 90-minute class.  But perhaps my perception’s a bit skewed here.

I graded 75 papers today.  That’s a lot of papers, friends!  And, unfortunately, the grades just go up and up and up until everyone basically has a B+ (I do still have SOME scruples, thank you very much).  Grade inflation is an unavoidable complication that arises when I don’t feel I have the time to truly explain/justify (in my grading comments) why a grade is so low.  Perhaps (since we’re in the habit in this post of ending each thought with a “perhaps” statement) this simply means I need better rubrics.  They should do the explaining for me, right?  Note to self: Revise rubrics.  Do it…next summer, when you have time (but little desire–shhhh!).

On yet another note, Matt and I had, essentially, bread and potatoes for dinner.  We’re eating like Russian peasants.  Is money THAT tight, you ask?  Maybe not.  But I really like gravy, and so you spread that business over a bunch of carbs, and VOILA!  Dinner.  It is perhaps not the most nutritious way to feast, but economical and delicioso, absolutely.

327, and I’m going to bed.  Inservice tomorrow.  Better make that 337.


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