Long Weekend Day The Second


Well, I’ll admit that it took a bit of resolve to get me on the computer today for my 200.  I’ve had another fabulous day, but of an entirely different sort.  One of the most interesting things to come of my day was that I decided to check out “The Borrowers” by Mary Norton from the local library.  The series was one of my favorites when I was in, like, third grade, and I decided I’d check it back out.  The book I found has the same cover as the one that I checked out from Ms. Finney at the Brown Elementary Library so many, many years ago, and I felt like I could smell that library again when I pulled THIS book off the shelf.  I can definitely remember exactly where I was standing–the section out of which Ms. Finney pulled most of her book recommendations for me, along the north wall of the library, near the doors leading out into the main hallway of the school.

Anyway, I must have been some kind of child GENIUS because the book seems a lot harder and more fussy than a third grader could really handle.  All of this makes me wonder exactly WHEN I stopped learning, because the reading level isn’t exactly much lower than that of most of the books I read today.  Maybe I need to read something absolutely labyrinthine to try to spark up my old, tired brain a bit.  We’ll see.



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